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A collection of publishing-related tools, utilities, and applications. If you know of tools that should be listed here, please fill out the Tool Search Submission form. For a listing of all tool developers currently represented in this database, click here.

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History (InDesign) WIN MAC $39.00
by Goldwein Research (DTP Tools)
» Keeps track of past actions of your work on InDesign documents. It shows all states you can revert to in a list and allows you to save versions within the document. [updated: 2006-12-04]
Layer Groups (InDesign) WIN MAC $29.00
by Goldwein Research (DTP Tools)
» The name well describes the plug-in's main feature - the ability to sort layers into folders. Also, enables you to choose an entire layer as non-printing, letting you add comments without the risk of getting them accidentally into print. [updated: 2006-12-04]
MIF Filter (InDesign) WIN MAC ??
by Goldwein Research (DTP Tools)
» The first InDesign import filter for Adobe FrameMaker documents. Conversion keeps the best out of both layout applications, as opposed to redesign of the documents from scratch, which is costly and brings a lot of problems along. [updated: 2006-12-04]
Page Control (InDesign) WIN MAC $59.00
by Goldwein Research (DTP Tools)
» Adds a new feature to the standard Pages palette. Now you can choose add multi-size page (or masterpage). Regardles off the page size, you can also set the mutual vertical positioning of pages in a spread. [updated: 2006-12-04]
Text Count WIN MAC - Frame:5.5,6.0,7.0,7.1; $69.00
by Goldwein Research (DTP Tools)
» Quick and easy control over word counts, overflows. Text Count palette shows real time count and estimate results and indicates amount of overflow text. performs the estimates and price calculations too. [updated: 2006-04-22]
Text count (InDesign) WIN MAC $69.00
by Goldwein Research (DTP Tools)
» Counts and estimates text elements and calculates their price. It preflights documents for overset and helps you to get rid of it. [updated: 2006-12-04]
X-Ray (InDesign) WIN MAC $19.00
by Goldwein Research (DTP Tools)
» Allows you to set opacity to every panel in InDesign. From now on, you will be able to set opacity to all the tools, which are so essential for your work, but obstruct the view on the actual design. [updated: 2006-12-04]

Notice: Although every attempt is made to keep this information up to date, it is not guaranteed to be complete or accurate. A tool listing in this database does not represent an endorsement by Leximation, Inc. If you notice any errors or would like to see other items listed, please let us know. Also, if you are a developer and would like to add or revise items for your products, contact us and we'll set you up with the necessary access. Contact Leximation.