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Increase your efficiency with our tools and solutions.

Our innovative strategies give you more time to focus
on the content rather than the process.

Leximation creates targeted solutions that specifically
fit your needs.


Do you need ..

  • a quick way to convert your files from one format to another?
  • a custom command in FrameMaker that does things the way you want them done?
  • a web application to assist your group with information sharing?
  • your unstructured FrameMaker files converted to structured Frame or XML files (perhaps DITA)?

Would you like ..

  • help setting up a single-sourcing solution for your documentation?
  • assistance connecting your application with context-sensitive Help?
  • advice about other technical-publication or web-development issues?

Leximation can work with you on projects ranging from small Help files to large context-sensitive Help systems. We have extensive experience setting up and converting content from FrameMaker or other formats into Help, web, and print, for multiple products from single-source files.

If you are considering the move to structured or XML authoring, we can help you evaluate the options. When you are ready, we will provide the expertise to convert your unstructured content into your new data model.

Let us analyze your production methods and provide specific tools and solutions to increase your productivity. Contact Leximation to discuss the possibilities!