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A collection of publishing-related tools, utilities, and applications. If you know of tools that should be listed here, please fill out the Tool Search Submission form. For a listing of all tool developers currently represented in this database, click here.

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Graphic Workshop Professional WIN $44.99
by Alchemy Mindworks
» GWP is the image management package for Windows and the ultimate digital darkroom. It features multiple browser windows, batch processing, drag and drop, thumbnails, a rich library of image filters and a lot more. [updated: 2005-09-22]
Group Plug-in Menus (FrameScript) WIN - Frame:; FREE!
by itl
» Moves the plug-in menus into their own 'Plug-ins' menu. [updated: 2010-01-07]
Help & Manual WIN $299.00
by EC Software
» A help authoring tool that outputs to RTF, CHM, HTML, PDF, HLP and eBooks. With its WYSIWYG approach to creating help files and printed manuals, what you see at design time is what you get at run time. [updated: 2005-05-05]
HelpExplorer WIN LIN ??
by KAMA Software
» Full-featured help viewer for both Windows and Linux. One of its main advantages is 100% support of the WinHelp (.hlp), MS HTML Help 1.x (.chm) and MS Help 2.0 (.HxS) help file formats. Lets you use the same help files for both Linux and Windows. [updated: 2006-05-05]
HelpLogic WIN MAC $99.00
by Electric Butterfly, Inc.
» Cross-platform Help development application. Built-in Visual TOC Builder, Project Workshop, HTML Editor, Link Manager and more. The ideal solution for cross-platform software developers, help authors, web site designers, and documentation writers. [updated: 2006-09-08]
HelpMaker WIN FREE!
by Vizacc
» HelpMaker is an application to create help files without an expensive word-processor, without having the manage multiple files. You can make whole help files using HelpMaker. HelpMaker makes WinHelp, RTF and HTML-Help files. [updated: 2005-05-19]
HelpScribble WIN $99.00
by JGSoft
» A full-featured, easy-to-use help authoring tool for creating help files from start to finish. You can create WinHelp (.hlp) files, HTML Help (.chm) files, a printed manual and online documentation (on a web site) all from the same HelpScribble project. [updated: 2005-05-03]
HelpServer WIN MAC LIN $700.00
by 4.ST Belgium NV
» HelpServer is a web-based component content management system. It allows authors to work together & deliver content in true real time. The main advantage is that a file build process is not needed, making it a lot easier to keep content up-to-date. [updated: 2013-07-05]
HelpStudio WIN $481.00
by Innovasys Ltd.
» HelpStudio seamlessly combines a feature packed WYSIWYG authoring environment with HTML based layout templates to make it simple to create consistent, professional looking help systems with the minimum of effort. [updated: 2006-11-27]
HelpTron HTML Help WIN $179.00
by Theta Software
» Provides all the power to create sophisticated HTML Help systems for application Help. It fully supports the complete array of HTML Help features and the compiled HTML Help format allowing you to maximize all the power of the HTML Help format. [updated: 2005-02-09]
HH Context WIN FREE!
by The Helpware Group
» This third party utility by Hans Landsheer helps you to manage your Context IDs (MAP and ALIAS sections) defined in a .HHP project file. Something that HH Workshop and FAR do not cover. [updated: 2005-02-25]
Hide Font Menus (FrameScript) WIN - Frame:; FREE!
by itl
» Removes the 'Font' menu from the 'Format' menu and all context menus. [updated: 2010-01-07]
History (InDesign) WIN MAC $39.00
by Goldwein Research (DTP Tools)
» Keeps track of past actions of your work on InDesign documents. It shows all states you can revert to in a list and allows you to save versions within the document. [updated: 2006-12-04]
HLP Converter WIN $19.95
by ABC Amber
» A useful tool that allows you to create printable, manual-quality documents from Microsoft Windows Help files. The program converts hlp files to any document (and database) format you wish - PDF, RTF, HTML, DOC, CHM, TXT, DBF, XML, CSV, XLS, MDB, MCW, etc [updated: 2005-02-09]
by The Hovgaard Klan
» Any text in the clipboard will be pasted as raw text without HTML code, font size, color or layout etc. HovText remembers the last 10 copied texts (both formatted and unformatted) and you can filter out whatever text you need with regular expressions. [updated: 2007-02-01]
HTML Editor WIN $49.00
by CoffeeCup Software, Inc.
» The Most Downloaded HTML Editor on the Web since 1996 is now even easier to use with almost 10 years of refined features. This helps new people who are learning HTML become Webmasters faster. [updated: 2005-05-03]
HTML Express WIN MAC $69.95
by Logictran, Inc.
» Convert your word processing documents to HTML for the Web. With this release also comes numerous bugfixes and feature enhancements to the core conversion technology that is based upon R2Net. [updated: 2005-05-25]
HTML Help Builder WIN $299.00
by West Wind Technologies
» HTML Help Builder makes short work of creating documentation for your Windows applications by providing powerful tools for creating documentation both for end user application and component documentation. [updated: 2007-01-04]
HTML Help Generator WIN $199.00
by AGORA Software BV
» HTML Help Generator is the easy and fast way to add help to your application. The generator creates all files required by scanning the application. The unique WYSIWYG wizard instantly shows the effect each setting will have on your generated help pages. [updated: 2005-12-07]
HTML Help Popup Tester WIN FREE!
by Help Technology Centre
» A simple application for testing HTML Help-based popups and their associated ID's. Find the CHM, find the TXT file containing the popups, specify the context ID you want to test, then click the Test button. [updated: 2005-02-09]
HTML Help Switcher (HH Switch) WIN FREE!
by KeyWorks Software
» HHSwitch is a testing utility that allows you to switch between the various versions of HTML Help. [updated: 2004-11-15]
HTML To PDF Converter WIN $50.00
by Theta Software
» Converts HTML files to PDF format. It supports the usual PDF features, including compression and 128 bit encryption. [updated: 2005-02-09]
HuntOverrides WIN - Frame:7.0,7.1,7.2; FREE!
by CudSpan
» Lists instances of paragraph format overrides, separating overrides that are only due to page-breaks from other overrides. The list is a hypertext document you can use to navigate to the override instance. [updated: 2009-06-08]
Image Magick WIN MAC LIN FREE!
by ImageMagick Studio LLC
» A software suite to create, edit, and compose bitmap images. It can read, convert and write images in a variety of formats (about 100) including GIF, JPEG, JPEG-2000, PNG, PDF, PhotoCD, TIFF, and DPX. Use ImageMagick to translate, flip, mirror, rotate ... [updated: 2006-09-09]
Image Mapper WIN $24.00
by CoffeeCup Software, Inc.
» Has mouseover HTML capability, includes a fully functional image map wizard, and enables users to attach parts of an image to different links. Supports mouseover pop-up tags, frame targeting, image previewing, and link and mouseover memory. [updated: 2005-05-03]

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