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BookVars - Revision History

2.03 - 03sep20
Updated for FM 2020.
2.02 - 04feb19
Updated for FM 2019.
2.01 - 05mar17
Updated for FM 2017.
2.00 - 18apr16
Updated for FM 2015.
Import one or all variable definition groups.
Allow variable definitions to reference other variables.
Added CallClient API for Import Variable Definitions command.
1.10 - 25may14
Updated for FM12.
1.09 - 06aug12
Updated for FM11.
Fixed location of log file on Vista and Win7.
Minor documentation updates.
1.08 - 29may11
Updated for FM10.
Allow for proper operation on Windows Vista and 7.
1.07 - 05dec09
Updated installer for FM9.
1.07 - 30nov08
Updated for FM8/FM9.
The "Generate BookVars" dialog Internal/External option is now sticky.
Now updates variables within text insets.
1.06 - 19apr07
Variable values can now contain an equal sign.
Minimized documents remain minimized when the Import, Delete, and Generate commands are used.
Using an external editor no longer corrupts high-ascii characters.
1.05 - 05may06
Added RenameVarChar parameter (allows renaming of variables to a name that already exists)
Updated to use internal (FM file) log reporting mechanism
Added NoLog parameter .. if set to 1, you only get a log file if there is an error (only for Import command .. Delete always displays log file). In any case, I've fixed the log file so it is saved meaning you don't get the Save dialog when closing the log (one fewer click).
Added note to log file about marker variables not being deleted or renamed
Added "Open Last Log File" command.
Removed LogType, LogFile, and LogEditor INI parameters
The generated variable lists are now sorted alphabetically
Fixed inconsistent warning about variable list being out of sync
Added warning if a group name is "General" or "Groups"
Fixed bug where variable values beginning with "0" caused a rename rather than an update
Added marker variable update function to Import command
Added shortcut keys for Import Variables command
Fixed crash bug when running Import Variables on an unsaved book
1.04 - 24sep05
Fix bug .. Attempting to use the "DelVarCode" parameter to delete variables through the "Import Variables" command will cause FrameMaker to crash.
1.03 - 08sep05
Added the ability to rename variables.
1.02 - 22feb05
Revised to allow updating of the BookVars INI file when it is in a file path with high-ascii characters.
1.01 - 10dec04
Updated to allow proper handling of user's name that includes high-ascii characters.
1.00 - 07dec04
Available for download.