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Oxygen XML Development

Oxygen XML editor is, hands down, the best DITA editor available. Yes, we're FrameMaker developers, and have been for a very long time, but sometimes you have to face reality and move on. If your focus is PDF output, FrameMaker may still have a place in your workstream, but over the years, FrameMaker seems to have lost its way, while Oxygen leads the pack in terms of meaningful features and responsive support.

We do have clients who successfully work with FrameMaker and Oxygen, to leverage the best of both environments. If you fit into this category, we're happy to help you refine and customize both platforms to their fullest.

Oxygen offers a rich set of features that allow customization of many aspects of the authoring and publishing interface. Following is a small set of common features:

  • Constrain the elements and attributes available to your writers, without modifying the default DITA DTDs.
  • Customize the formatting and functionality of the authoring interface so it guides your writers to use the recommended markup and authoring "style."
  • Create transformation scenarios that give you quick access to various publishing options. These can be targets in the DITA-OT or other publishing tools.
  • Bundle your customizations into one or more frameworks that support specific XML models or use cases, and are easy to deploy and update.

If you're looking for help setting up a custom Oxygen environment, we're here to help. Often times, all that's needed is for us to set up the basics, and you can take it from there.

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