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Sub-Frameset Links - A popular way to provide online Help is to wrap up HTML files in a frameset with the Contents in a frame on the left and the content in a frame on the right. This works very well, except when you want to establish "context sensitive" connections to the application (such as a Help button in a dialog). Because the URL line in the browser points at the frameset file name, you have no easy way to display anything other than the default page.

In order to display a specific page or anchor within a frameset, you need to be able to pass information through the URL of the top-most frameset and have the appropriate page display. There are a number of ways to do this, the example provided is just one way. Feel free to use this as it is, or make modifications to work in your particular situation.

This example is a small set of HTML files that demonstrates a simple frameset Help system.

download subframesetlinks.zip v.1.00 [3.57KB]