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DITA-OT Plugin Development

The DITA-OT is an amazing open-source tool for publishing DITA XML content. What's even more amazing is the team of dedicated volunteers who maintain it. With each release they add features (and fix bugs) to make it easier to publish your content the way you want it published. Even though it does almost everything, right "out of the box," there are typically some modifications needed to produce exactly what you want for your deliverable.

And the best part, after you've built your custom DITA-OT plugin, is that you own it! No license fees, no forced upgrades, it's there for you to use as long as you need it.

Leximation has been working with DITA and the DITA-OT since the very beginning (of DITA). Contact us to discuss your needs, and we'll do our best to make it happen.

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