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AIR Help Gallery - Please send in screenshots of your implementations of AIR Help.

airhelp-lmi_small.png This example shows the current "LMI AIR Help" implementation (available as a beta on request). This is intended to be a framework that others can use to develop their own AIR Help applications. It provides all of the common Help features you'd expect in a Help system. Starting from this framework, you could add features like a Twitter feed, chat interface, user-definable content, state-based content filtering, and more.

Download: ditafmx. [3127KB]

airhelp-deu_small.png An example of an unconventional AIR Help application. This is a map of Germany that floats on the desktop (AIR Help applications don't need to be in a window or be rectangular). When you click a city label, a description of that city pops up in a scrolling window. When thinking about AIR Help design, don't limit yourself to the traditional ideas of "Help.".

airhelp-proto4_small.png Similar features to those found in the current LMI AIR Help implmentation, but this uses an "accordion" control for the navigation panels rather than a tab control. This is a nice option when you've got a number of navigation panels. This includes two Tables of Contents; one provides a view of the topics ordered by "type" while the other provides the topics ordered alphabetically. This prototype also provides a "Comments" feature that lets end users add comments to topics, and those comments are visible to all users of this Help system.

Download: airhelp-proto4.air v.0.06 [985KB]   (see airhelp-proto4-notes.txt for misc bits of info)

airhelp-fm72_small.png Using the code from the first prototype, I wrapped the shipping FrameMaker 7.2 Help system (HTML and JavaScript files) in an AIR Help file. It all works exactly as you'd expect, and the search is even a little bit faster than when viewed through FireFox or IE. This is a *very* basic implementation of AIR Help, but shows that you can just wrap up most any browser-based help system and it should work.