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FrameMaker Plugins and ExtendScripts

NOTICE: Leximation no longer offers plugin development for FrameMaker releases after FM2015. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Do you find yourself doing the same task in FrameMaker more than a few times? If so, Leximation can make that task into a custom command that appears on the menu bar and is available like any built-in command. These custom commands can replace simple tasks or complex processes with a single menu item or dialog box.

Using the Adobe FDK (FrameMaker Developer's Kit) we can extend Frame in many ways. By automating repetitive tasks, you can spend more time focusing on the content rather than the process.

Plugins can include an easy-to-use installer so your staff can focus on getting their work done rather than spending time "under the hood" getting things to work.

Send us a description of the task or process you'd like to automate. We will give you an idea of the effort required to provide a tool to accomplish that task. For more information about methods for automating FrameMaker, see FrameMaker Automation.

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